Keeping your business running.
No matter what.

StablePath designs and implements solutions that protect your critical data and applications from disruptions and unplanned downtime. With our in-depth experience, proven approach and the latest technologies, we deliver a comprehensive so-
lution that addresses your unique business needs and safeguards your bottom line.

We offer a complete portfolio of integrated so-
lutions to match both the value of your business process and your budgetary constraints. Our solutions can deal seamlessly with a continuum of risks from day-to-day operational errors to large-scale disasters. Big or small, StablePath can provide a solution for your IT Continuity needs.

StablePath’s mission is to provide IT Continuity solutions that will enable businesses to maximize the availability and utilization of their information resources. Through the innovative use of tech-
nology our solutions increase productivity and improve efficiency while mitigating operational risk.

Knowledge transfer is critical to the success of every project.

Our philosophy is simple: Teach our clients to fish rather than just feeding them a fish. In other words, we believe that knowledge transfer between our clients and our highly trained experts is critical to the success of every project.

Our job is to bridge gaps in our clients’ technical knowledge and bring those clients up to a level of self-sufficiency as fast as possible. We do not want our clients to depend on us but rather to leverage us in those areas where they don’t have the expertise. This results in a huge advantage for our clients by greatly reducing the risk, time and effort in implementing new technologies.

Our culture is based on a strong desire to solve problems, an open exchange of ideas and a commitment to providing the best solutions available to our clients. The foundation of our success is a strong focus on the highest levels of knowledge, integrity and service. We have a shared vision of making every client a reference-able client.

StablePath, formerly Wirespeed Networks, was formed in 2000 by a group of system engineers who wanted to build a vendor agnostic organization focused on resilient in-
frastructure solutions. The concept was to leverage best of breed technology and services without being tied to one vendor’s products at the exclusion of others. The plan was to lead with a solid solutions design then, by leveraging our technical expertise, implement the best tools available to achieve the client’s objectives. The idea was simple – a ‘strategy before tactics’ approach that wasn’t dependent on one product or one vendor.

Today StablePath is recognized as a leading provider of IT Continuity solutions. We offer a complete portfolio of solutions ranging from the protection of a single IT element to protecting the entire IT operational scope. Connect Effect™ is the evolution of our ‘strategy before tactics’ approach that puts the client’s needs first and clearly defines the end goal before any products or services are ever delivered. We routinely evaluate new technologies as they become available and incorporate those tools that meet our strict criteria into our solutions portfolio. We continue to advance our technical skills to ensure we thoroughly understand the tools we use and can leverage them to meet our client’s ever changing environment.

One thing that has remained constant is that our clients needs always come first and will never be compromised by individual products or vendors.